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Hi all, 

Today we would like to invite you to take part in round #86. Round is prepared by Andrew Malevich (aka  Kenny_HORROR ) and me, Taras Brzezinsky . We are students of Belarusian State University. We would like to thank   MikeMirzayanov ,   it4.kp ,  RAD ,  Gerald  и  Fefer_Ivan for helping and advice in preparing round and    Delinur for translation.

While participating, you will get known with boy Peter and remember some of his school days to help him to solve some problems

The points for the problems in Div 1 & 2 will be: 500-1000-1500-2000-2500.

New service "Virtual contest" will be unavailable during the round due to possible instability.

Good luck to everyone!


The contest is finished, ratings are updated. 
Congrats to winners:
1) hos.lyric
2)  KADR
3)  yaro
4)  tourist
5)  Egor

3)  igor_kz
4)  lxn

Editorial is currently available, the whole problem set analysis will be added in few hours.

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By _jte_, 9 years ago, In English,

While trying to solve some tasks from previous round, I've noticed that system testing queue is formed of a big amount of submissions that are still waiting for the system verdict. This happens for the second time in last 3 days. Is it related to some technical works from administration or this is just a bug? 

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