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By abhishek_saini, 3 months ago, In English

Sometime back I wrote a simple script to rearrange CSES problems in order of Solved Count for my own use.
Published it as a Chrome Extension today, in case others also have that use-case.
May be will update the extension with additional functionality later.
Chrome Extension Link

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By abhishek_saini, 15 months ago, In English

Hello, community!

Hope everyone is doing well. I decided to write the other side of the commonly occuring post "Help Needed". I would like to offer help to the people who needs it and have intentions of improving.

About me

  • I have done competitive programming for 4+ years in the past. Have been checking out problems, thinking about solution, but not that regular from last couple of years in actually coding out the solutions.
  • Would prefer language of communication to be English but can talk in Hindi too if needed.
  • Working for Google at present.
  • I have worked for high frequency trading firms prior to my current job.
  • Some of my other interests on which I often read books are physics, chess, finance, philosophy.

About You

  • Someone who wants help in understanding a problem or a concept.
  • I am okay in talking about general things, my experience in competitive programming or as a software engineer etc. But my preference is the point above.
  • People in rating range 1401 — 1899. I think I can be most helpful to people of this range as a competitive programmer. No rating window preference if you're interested in talking about other topics.

What do we get

  • One of my major motivation is trying to give back to the community. Other thing I want to enhance is my explanation skills.
  • You can choose the topic which you want us to talk about.

If you're interested, you can fill this google form. It's majorly one text box question What do you want to talk about? Please be as detailed as you can. If you want to ask about a concept/problem, please write what you know about it or about broader parent/related concept of that. If you want to talk about other things, please add details around, what are you looking to discuss on that topic etc.

Goal of the google form is to minimize wastage of time for you and me both. If I don't feel I can be helpful in the topic, It will be easier for me to convey the same back in email/chat itself. Also ofcourse this is completely free. Based on the responses in the form, I will try to setup google meets with as many as people I can. I can't promise how many of these I will be able to do as I don't know yet how many people will be interested.

Thank you for your attention!

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By abhishek_saini, history, 15 months ago, In English

What would be the guideline around using chatGPT to generate standard code snippets?

According to current rules, exception 2 looks to cover it as chatGPT is published,

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