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The problem is 1041F - Ray in the tube

These words are copied from the problem:

To do so, you have to choose two integer points A and B on the first and the second line respectively (coordinates can be negative): the point A is responsible for the position of the laser, and the point B — for the direction of the laser ray. The laser ray is a ray starting at A and directed at B which will reflect from the sides of the tube (it doesn't matter if there are any sensors at a reflection point or not). A sensor will only register the ray if the ray hits exactly at the position of the sensor.

I think A and B only have to be integers, but it doesn't say they cannot be a straight line.

B as the direction, it even can out of the tube.

And my submission got Wrong Answer on test 51. (Submission : 43024618)

After the Virtual Participation, I got the test of test 51, and found n = 12000 and m = 32000

So I think the answer should be 32000, instead of 24000 (Submission : 43065546)

Because I can use a single line with A(-2,y2) and B(-1,y2) to get 32000 points instead of 24000.

Hope any of the problem setter can answer me. Roms BledDest adedalic fcspartakm

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By absi2011, history, 5 years ago, In English

I used cin and got TLE in Feb 15th.

Then I test the scanf and got Accepted.

I found it interesting that different C++ get different verdict with cin.

Several times of MS C++ because I found interesting of it TLE on different test.

My Submissions on 932D - Tree with submissions 40405924 (Code is same, Language is different)

MS C++ Time limit exceeded on test 80

GNU C++17 Accepted 1356 ms

GNU C++14 Accepted 1326 ms

GNU C++11 Time limit exceeded on test 81

GNU C++ Accepted 1902 ms

GNU C++17 Diagnostics Time limit exceeded on test 11

MS C++ Time limit exceeded on test 81

MS C++(scanf) Accepted 421 ms

MS C++(Submit on Feb 15th) Time limit exceeded on test 82

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