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Hello everyone,

I would like to announce a new edition of FMI No Stress.

FMI No Stress contest is organized by members of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bucharest.

This year we hold the 11th edition of the competition, and the first year in which we host the contest on Codeforces.

Link: (join here as participant).

The round will start on Sunday, October 30, 2022 at 10:00 and will follow IOI rules.

You will be given 13-15 problems and 5 hours to solve them.

Students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics can participate onsite in Pompeiu, Google, Laboratory 221 rooms. The top first year students that participate onsite will receive prizes.

Top 10 last year highschool students (12th grade) will be automatically qualified for the final round of MateInfoUB.

The problems were selected and prepared by marius135 narci6ix Alex18mai ionan6ix butasebi stefdasca dimi999 Mihai145 caheman adimiclaus15

Thanks to our testers: _Vanilla_ apostoldaniel854 SergheySmirnov Giulian617 The-Winner

Good luck to all the participants!

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Announcement of FMI No Stress 11
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