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Hello Codeforces Community ,

I always had this thought , don't know if this was discussed before or not , but some part of solving a problem in a regional or ICPC contests is to know the difficulty of the problem and whether you can solve it or not . In most of the contest of codeforces I usually have a prior knowledge whether this problem is hard or not , like A problems is usually much easier that E ones , and the problem is if you read this E it might seem easy but as u know its difficulty you start looking for clues why this problem is this difficult and sometimes the statement of easy problems can make it look very hard although it might only have a small trick to solve , so i had this suggestion that can be done in a regular round or an educational round where problems aren't sorted according to difficulty and You have to look for the easy problem and risk diving into that problem . I find it good practice as the gym is the only source for those kind of contests and having it in a round with the tutorial and support can be very helpful .

I hope this suggestion would be considered .

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