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Recently I was solving this question in python. I had thought of a solution and I tried submitting it in python 3, although most of my solutions were accepted via python 3 interpreter. This problem held me by TLEs, a bunch of them.

I was so confused that I started breaking the logic in further if else's only to find that they don't help. I started to search for reasons on the internet and stumbled upon this article just by luck.

It is a TLE saviour. I skimmed through the article and submitted my code in pypy 3 instead of python 3 and to my surprise, it got Accepted. My amusement didn't end here. The execution time was very much comparable to the c++ code and almost 5 times faster than python 3.

So I am switching to this interpreter now. And if you too are getting TLEs it is would be worthy to try submitting your code with pypy 3.

Happy Coding!!!


Looks like pajenegod has a valid point here, this is not always true.

My apologies!!!

Edit 2:

Codeforces submission page also recommends using PyPy. Proof

So, it's a recommendation rather than a guarantee.

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