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Hello Codeforces Community,

We would like to invite you to participate in Coding Squad — the flagship coding contest of Abhisarga '20, the annual techno-cultural fest of Indian Institute of Information Technology, SriCity.


Contest Details:

Preliminary Round

Platform: Codechef
Duration : 2 hours
Date and Time: 12th March 8:00 PM — 10:00 PM
Scoring: ICPC format
Registration Link:

Top 25 teams will be invited to participate in the final Onsite Contest.

You will be given 6 (or) 7 problems to solve in 2 hours. Each team can consist of up to 3 members and they should belong to the same institute. Note that the contest is open only for Indian college and school students..

Prizes for Final Round:

1st Place — Rs. 30,000
2nd Place — Rs. 20,000
3rd Place — Rs. 15,000

Good Luck and Happy Coding!!

Update: Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the fest has been called off. As a result, the onsite contest will not be held. However, we still plan to hold the preliminary round on the above mentioned time.

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By arshad2117, history, 22 months ago, In English

I often go through this dilemma during practicing.

Implementing problems and getting them accepted gives me a feeling of "actually solving" the problem.

However, the number of concepts and ideas I'm getting exposed to is much lesser this way as I am spending a lot of time implementing solutions.

What do you suggest? Which method has helped you improve?

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By arshad2117, history, 4 years ago, In English

Given an array A of n elements and queries of type (l r k),find the number of occurrences of k in the range l to r

If there are no updates, we can solve the problem by having a map<int,vector> and doing a binary search.

But what if there are updates involved.

I read somewhere that we can use bit..

But I am not sure how that would be useful

Thank you in advance

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