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By bothar, history, 3 months ago, In English,

Hi all,

So I have been doing competitive programming for a few months now (4-5) and I mostly practice on Codeforces. My highest rating is around 1650 and I have given around 20 contests. (PS: this is not my only ID).

For the past 3-4 contests though, I feel that I have missed on crossing that 1700 mark due to some very silly mistakes or wasting time where I shouldn't have. For example, I got my D hacked in system testing in the most recent contest because I used Float to Long Long conversion for storing Log2 value.

I personally believe that my implementation and quickly implementing the solution is my biggest strength but I really lack on cracking down questions of traditional topics like DP, Graphs, etc.

What tips do you suggest to avoid these silly mistakes which cost me a better rank in contests? And what should be my path now and from where (and how) should I learn new stuff to cross the 1700 mark and then 1800 and hopefully become a Candidate Master in the future?

Thanks in Advance!

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