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Hey Codeforces!

Greetings from NJACK, the Computer Science Club of IIT Patna,

We feel excited to announce our very first edition of Apeireon , the annual coding fest of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Patna. The fest will be packed with a plethora of fun events for all our dear "logicians". Introducing this time, Hacking Challenge, an event that requires you to think about the edge cases for the problems. The event is analogous to the process of hacking where we have to find loopholes in a built system. Here, you will be given a problem and its partially accepted solution (a code which seems to be correct but fails on some of the test cases), and you as ‘the debugger’ have to find an ‘edge’ test case where it fails. The problems have been prepared by scameeer, MinorMiracle, Redemptioner and leviOosa.

1st Prize : 5000 INR

2nd Prize: 3000 INR

3rd Prize: 2000 INR

Ranks/Prizes are considered globally.

Please find the rulebook and registration form links below.



Contest link:

For more such fun events do check our facebook page

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