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I was unable to find a simple yet powerful CP setup for my needs, so I decided to create one myself. I hope someone will find this useful.

This setup uses C++ in VSCode with debugging support for users in Windows and Ubuntu.


  1. VSCode ready to use out of the box (Only windows users need to correct MinGW installation path).
  2. Run .\windows-reset.bat in Windows or ./ in Ubuntu to reset the Current Folder.
  3. All .cpp files automatically take input from input.txt and output to output.txt in the same folder. No need for complicated ifdefs.
  4. Leverage powerful features of VSCode:
    • Step Through Debugging (Execute the code line by line, Hover over variables to get values)
    • Debug Console (View any object i.e. map, set, vector or any complex object)
    • Zen Mode (Utilize your screen to the fullest)

Please feel free to post Issues/Suggestions at the Github Repository.

Github Repository

Installation video for Windows on Youtube

Installation video for Ubuntu on Youtube

VSCode setup Screenshot

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Hello Codeforces!

We at Army Institute of Technology,Pune would like to invite you to participate in CoDeft'19.

The problems have been set and tested by smokescreen, _nEro_, a_kk and me(codeict).

Contest link :

Prizes :

  1. Coding Ninjas Laptop Bags to top 25 Indian Participants.
  2. Top 100 Participants will be invited for On-Site Finals.
  3. All On-Site Finalists get a CoDeft T-Shirt!

Contest Details:

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Start time: 27th September 2019, 21:00 hrs IST
  • End time: 27th September 2019, 23:00 hrs IST
  • On-Site Finals on 6th October 2019 at Army Institute of Technology, Pune.

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone Can Participate. To be eligible for prizes, you should currently be an Undergraduate or School Student.

PS : This is the First Year that we are conducting this contest. We definitely aim to grow and include prizes for the international community soon.

UPD1: Contest starts in 10 mins : Link

UPD2: Editorial has been uploaded : Link

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