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Hey Codeforces!

Greetings from NJACK, the Computer Science Club of IIT Patna

We feel very excited to announce our very first edition of Apeireon, the annual coding fest of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Patna.

I would like to thank you for your participation in our previous events and making them a grand success.

Introducing this time Codesprint 360, a competitive coding event in which the aim would be to solve problems as fast as possible.

Are you a speedster, if not this contest requires you to be one! You will be given 180 min (10800 secs precisely) to solve 60 problems. The problems will be on the easier side but you will have to race against time.

Most of the problems have been prepared by CS freshmen and special thanks to SHINIGAMI_07, GuptaConnectedComponents, Crocuta, abhinavdutta, V_S_M for their contribution and StarnyC and Kevat for co-ordinating and testing the contest.

Prizes (Globally):

1st Prize: 3000 INR

2nd Prize: 2000 INR

3rd Prize: 1000 INR

Top 2 from IIT Patna get 500 INR each.


Date and Time

Rulebook — link

Registration for prizes — link

Contest Link — link

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By darklight13, history, 4 years ago, In English

I had started competitive programming 10 months ago.Till now I have learned basic topics and learning things wasn't much of an issue. Recently, I have been up solving the contest problems and I am trying to learn new topics like Dynamic Programming,Trees and Graphs. After reading the theory part of a particular topic I usually search for tags and start solving problems. I rarely refer to editorials (till now) so sometimes problems with rating >=1900 takes me about 3-4 days to solve.

Can you share your experience or anything that worked out for you when you start with some new problem.

P.S: Looking for a better way to Improve :) Thanks in advanced!!

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