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Hello Everyone,

We gladly invite everyone to participate in Alkhwarizm organized as a part of annual Techfest of IIIT Allahabad–Aparoksha 2016.

The problem setters and tester are Xsquare, hagu, Divanshu, m17, dragonslayerx, ayush_awasthi. The problem setters have tried to bring many interesting problems for everybody this time.

The contest starts at 9:00PM (IST) on 3rd April, 2016. Check you local timezone here. It is an individual contest with 5 hours duration.

The Total Prize at stake is Rs. 50,000. For Indian Winners distribution is Rs 20,000, 15,000 and 10,000 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank respectively. Also CodeChef will provide goodies to International Winners.

The Registration Link for the prizes is here. Click here to Register

The Problem Set will consist of 10 Problems for various topics of Competitive Programming. It has problems of various difficulty levels and diverse fields so we hope everyone will find something of his taste. Editorials to all problems will be provided as soon as the contest ends. Follow the event page for more updates.

Link to Facebook Event — Event Page

Link to Contest — https://www.codechef.com/ALKH2016

Happy Coding!!!

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Hi fellow coders,

Recenty I was searching for a tool that could import my Codeforces submissions and categorize them based on their tags. The aim was to recognize my weak areas and work more towards them. Finally, I decided to build something on my own.

Codeforces Importer is a script written in python that uses Codeforces API to fetch user submissions category- wise. It import user submission statistics using Codeforces API, imports their source-codes and perform their categorization based on their codeforces tags.

Github Link to the project : https://github.com/dragonslayerx/CodeforcesImporter

Readme: https://github.com/dragonslayerx/CodeforcesImporter/blob/master/README.md

The submissions source codes are imported to a local directory and a HTML page where links to problem, submission at Codeforces and imported source-code are present.

Users can use the page to access their solutions and perform category-wise analysis. It ignores the submissions downloaded previously thus making successive updation of local-repository faster.

We would like to thank Mike Mirzayanov for providing Codeforces API that helped us making this tool.

Just a screenshot

Generated HTML showing user statistics:

Generated HTML providing links to submissions along with their problem links

Please feel free to report bugs as well as feature changes, I will try to incorporate these. Hope you will find this tool useful.

Please contact at Ashish Chauhan (meashish), Swapnil Saxena (dragonslayerx), Ayush Awasthi (ayush_awasthi)

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By dragonslayerx, 8 years ago, In English

Hello Everyone,

I would like to invite you all to IIITA Hackerearth Club's first programming contest "Algoholic". It'll be held on Monday, January 26th at 14:00 IST Here's the link for the contest


The problems are set by Pranjul Dubey(pranjuldb) and me(dragonslayerx) and are tested by Manmohan Mishra (m17).

The top 3 will get Hackerearth merchandise.

Hope you'll enjoy the contest.

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