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Greetings from the Online programming contest team of Shaastra — 2014. This year we are hosting the event on codechef(http://www.codechef.com/SHSTRA14). There is an exciting array of prizes to be won. There are prizes for Indian college students, non-indian college students, IITM college students, Indian school students and many more.

We have interesting formats of questions that is sure to have each and everyone enthralled. For an elaborate list of format and rules please refer to the codechef link given above in this mail. The contest would be held on January 4th 2014. This contest is the right practice whether you are preparing for INOI - 2014 , ACM-ICPC World finals - 2014, or just want to have some fun. To be eligible for prizes please register on http://www.shaastra.org/2014/main/#open_programming_contest . Hope to see you all participate and win lots of prizes.

Regards, OPC team, Shaastra 2014 opc@shaastra.org

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Is it a team event or an individual event?

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Exciting prizes to be won are especially exciting when they are clearly announced ;)

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    For non-Indian students we have a total prize money of 45,000 INR. The first place team will get 20,000 INR, while the second place team will get 15,000 INR and the third place team will get 10,000 INR.