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I was solving the question If the cross product is zero then obviously they are collinear since sin(x)=0 if x=2*n*PI. However, how do they decide if it is Left or Right based on the value of cross-product i.e; x1*y2-x2*y1. Please demystify this for me. Am I missing any fundamentals?

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Function cp calculates the z-coordinate of the cross product. Then you can use the right hand rule to determine the direction (angle CAB is always less than 90) If C is to the left => Thumb will go down => z-coordinate less than 0 => t is less than 0, and vice versa

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    Awesome! Now I remember my school days. These are the stuff I learned in my school in Physics and maths. Looks like I need to revise a lot in the process. Thanks a ton!