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By DimmyT, history, 18 months ago, In English


I was in the top 1000 in the second round of Google Code Jam 2022, and did not receive anything from google about my T-shirt prize.

I'm writing to find a way to contact Google Code Jam 2022 organizers. I recently found out that they sent emails in June and shipped T-shirts to winners, but I did not receive any emails.

So please let me know how I claim my T-shirt?

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They won't ship this time I suppose. I'm in kinda same situation and I simply accepted it after a few days of panic. Or we can gather all the ones who did not receive GCJ 2022 T-shirts, if the number is big enough, maybe they will consider making T-shirts for us. Otherwise, I guess there is simply no chance at all.

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Not sure why Google's logistics are so wack. They took ~2 months to ship the goodie package for Google Code Jam to IO for Women, whereas Meta Hacker Cup is expected to arrive in under a week.

Anyways, maybe check spam?