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Hi Codeforces!

Two years ago, I posted a blog about cp-badges, a simple competitive programming badge I made for fun. To the best of my knowledge, it was the first GitHub badge ever for competitive programmers!

However, it was only my personal toy project, and the server was running on a machine of the algorithm club in my college, which was unstable and unreliable. Here is what happened: since the club homepage moved to GitHub pages, few people cared about club's machine, and after the machine was turned off due to some power maintenance, it was gone forever. I was also busy applying for graduate school, didn't do any competitive programming, so I forgot about this toy project as well.

A few years later, I got some spare time, so I started some programming (including CP) again. Then I noticed that some people actually tried to use this badge!

So I decided, still for fun, to revive cp-badges. I rewrote the code and setup a server on my reliable cloud platform. I realized that so many things have changed — Python 3.11 came out, some packages had major version updates, my favorite Python dependency management tool Poetry's GitHub stars came close to the old Pipenv's, and so on.

To get to the point, here are the new URLs for competitive programming badges:


Only these three platforms are supported, though I am considering adding more platforms in the future as long as I have access to official APIs (I personally dislike web scraping).

In Markdown (e.g. if you want to use them in GitHub profile), you can do the following:


I also added some customizability. For instance, if you think the AtCoder logo is too dark, you can use another one or choose a different color:


Feel free to use them on you GitHub profile or elsewhere!

In case you're interested, the code is on my GitHub. Any feedback or contributions are very much welcome, though I may not have enough bandwidth to respond. (After all, my job is not a programmer!)

P.S. Meanwhile, I found some other projects that do similar things:

  • CP-Badges. This is built on Vercel and is a bit slower, but supports more platforms like Yukicoder and Leetcode.
  • cf-stats. This is more about 'statistics visualization' something like this, but I also found it interesting.
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