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Hello, Codeforces! Today I am going to show you some suggestions for Codefroces logo. I think the current Codforces logo is too boring and it is not modern for 2022 standards. Therefore i would like to make a few ammendments to the Codefocres logo in order to improve it. Please Mike read this blog verry carefully.

Firstly, I think we should simplify the logo, because that's what every loved tech company does in 2022. I am going to use very powerfull Miscrosoft Word program to make these logos.

The text on the current Codeforcse logo is too complex, let's solve that:


This is much better and easier to read (already improvement by 69.42%). We can make the bars on the left more interesting using a Microsoft Wrod 3D modern automatic super chart, like this:


until now, i used the default microsoft font, but we can use comic sans for a cooler Coodforces logo:


Coddforces is sponsered by TON, and if Mike wants more money from sponsor , he shoould more the sponsor more visible in the logo, like this:


I think we should make Cofedorces more accesible and inclusive, so i translated the logo into Braille and deaf handsign characters:


1 ton is equal to 1000kg here in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, Canada, Mexico and China. For our American freinds who do not know what a kilgramm or ton is, we should make the logo more acessible too:


As a last improvement ,if mike wants more moneyy from sponsors, he should choose a richer sponsor and update the logo accordingly:


Honourable mentions:


(has cool font and cool 3D chart)


(supports diversity and inclusivity)

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Actually good shitpost, I cant stop laughing. Good work OP