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Night, worries and problems belong to you alone! What does it mean, my good sir! It means the problems of your life, your work, and everything that concerns you, are exactly the same for millions of others. What differentiates one from the other is that each person tries to solve his problems according to his level of awareness and management of matters. One solves problems intelligently and with less losses. And someone solves his problems the hard way, but he reaches in the end. And someone makes impulsive decisions and creates bigger problems and spirals that don't end. Roots of the problem Roots of the problem. etc. The steps to solve any problem in the world begin with realization, then analysis, then developing solutions that suit the situation Each stage is based on the one before it, so if you do well, you will do well for the one that follows it Perception comes with teaching, teaching, patience and calmness And those who are distinguished by these qualities are the smartest in solving problems


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