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Hi everyone, X-Camp Academy will organize USACO Jan 2023 contest solution live explanation section tomorrow night (Jan 31st). If you took the contest over the weekend, or you are interested in USACO, don’t miss the opportunity!

A brief introduction to X-Camp.

  • A silicon valley based institute focusing on foundation buildup for the majority of students, and competitive programming for students who are passionate about competitions are committed.
  • Systematic curriculum from beginner to master class level. 
  • 5 students entered US National Camp in the past two years.
  • Many more students in USACO Silver, Gold levels.
  • 2 students from USACO Grandmaster Class (CS603) are out of the top 10 of Platinum Division in Dec 2022.

Date and Time: 

  • Jan 31st (Tue), 6:00 PM — 6:45 PM (PST) — USACO Bronze Solution Explanation 
  • Jan 31st (Tue),  6:45 PM — 7:30 PM (PST) — USACO Silver Solution Explanation 
  • Jan 31st (Tue), , 6:30 PM — 7:30 PM (PST) — USACO Gold Solution Explanation (Zoom)


Host: Yuan, X-Camp Co-founder, leading X-Camp teaching

Bronze Level — X-Camp Platinum Division Student or higher level, Bay Area local student 

Silver Level — X-Camp USACO Grandmaster Class level's coach + teacher, UCB EECS Major

Gold Level — X-Camp USACO Grandmaster Class level's coach, ICPC World Finalist


1) Live solutions — 30-40 mins 

2) Q&A with our top coach — 10 — 15mins

Youtube link:


USACO Dec 2022 Live link:


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