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By codepasta, 15 months ago, In English

No, cancelling Google Code Jam and Topcoder contests will not kill CP. But CP is going to become increasingly isolated by more interesting programming challenges.

Think of AI and blockchain technology. Everyone is now talking about chatGPT and bitcoin and ethereum, so no-body will be interested anymoor in classic algortihms on CodeForce. The CP of the Future will consist entirely of AI and blockchain programming contests.

The top competitors will receive as prizes Nvidia graphics cards, so that they can mine more bitcoin, while weaker participants will receive unique monkey NFTs which they can trade in for t-shirts, pants, or Robux, or a subscription to NordVPN.

Because we have shorter attention spans, contests will not have 5 problems in 2 hours. They will have 3 problems in 20 minutes, so that we have more time to watch TikTok afeter the contest.

Thanks for coming to my tedtalk.

Yours analogically, Codepasta

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