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Hello Codeforces! The 11th Stage of the 1st Universal Cup is coming. It will be held from April 8th to 9th. It is also a replay of the 2022 ICPC East Continent Final Contest, which was held on March 24, 2023 — March 26, 2023.

As usual, we have three time windows for participating. You can participate in the contest in the following three time windows:

Please note that you can see two scoreboards in DOMjudge. The 'Local Scoreboard' shows the standings ONLY IN THE CURRENT TIME WINDOW. And the 'Combined Scoreboard' shows all participants, including the onsite participants, and the cup participants in the previous time windows.

As usual, we plan on uploading the contest onto Codeforces Gym after the stage.

About Universal Cup:

The Universal Cup is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing training resources for competitive programming teams. Up to now, there are more than 500 teams from all over the world registering for Universal Cup.

A more detailed introduction: https://codeforces.com/blog/entry/111672

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Onsite scoreboard :)?