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Web3 and AI meet their future generation.

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ALPHAG3N, working with sponsors such as Coinbase, Solana Foundation, Jetlearn, and partners such as Stanford Blockchain Club, is the world’s largest high school Web3 and AI community, and we are looking for you to join us! On April 23rd, at Stanford University, we will be hosting a Web3 and AI conference for teen enthusiasts (age 13-19) from all backgrounds and inviting speakers such as Sanchan Saxena and Ejaaz Ahamadeen. Throughout the day, there will be a panel session for all participants and five workshops to choose from for those who join us (workshop leads to be announced soon). For in-person participants, there will be free food, merchandise, and $1000 in raffle prizes. More details can be found at https://alphag3n.com/. For those of you interested in Web3, AI, and a great conference, sign up below!

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Signed up, seems like you have really cool speakers