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Hello! I'm happy to announce The 2nd Universal Cup. Stage 12: Hefei, which will be held on December 2nd, 2023.

This contest is an official ICPC Regional Contest — The 2023 ICPC Asia Hefei Regional Contest. The contest is prepared by University of Science and Technology of China. It is the second time for us to prepare the Hefei Regional Contest.

This is also my first time as a chief judge in an ICPC regional contest. Great thanks to the host school (University of Science and Technology of China) for preparing the Regional, and the hard work done by all staff and volunteers for this contest.

The authors for preparing the contests: Democy, Wallbreaker5th, zoxx, ethan_enhe, XeQuadF

The testers for their valuable advice: lwn_16, lxlxl, Suika_predator, 19ty02, _Komorebi_, clfzs, Innerfactor, jqdai0815, chenjb, Qingyu.

The 12th Stage of the Universal Cup, Hefei, will be based on this contest. You can participate in the contest in Dec 2.

We are looking forward to your participation.

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Let's hope that the judging machine in Ucup will not be as bad as the onsite one.