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It is the first time for Indonesia to open our IOI selection contest to (selected) international participants. We call it TOKI Open 2014. TOKI stands for Tim Olimpiade Komputer Indonesia, or Indonesian Computing Olympiad Team in English. We received very good responses in term of number of participants and the enthusiasm, despite the limited amount of time for preparation and publication.

Objectives of us opening this contest include, but not limited to:

  • Foster friendship between Indonesia and other IOI participating countries.
  • Test Indonesia's scientific committee capability in setting IOI-level problems.
  • Test Indonesia's technical committee capability in hosting IOI-level contests.

Here are the problemset, results, and test data. We hope you find the problems interesting!

There were in total 124 contestants registered: 40 going to this year IOI, 50 not determined yet whether going or not to this year IOI, 18 no longer eligible for IOI, 16 perhaps going to later IOI. And among those, 1 champion achieved perfect score (600), congrats to contestant registered as Mohammad Ishraq Huda from Australia. Congratulations!

We hope to conduct TOKI Open again next year, with broader audience. If you have any inquiries, please contact [email protected].

Feel free to discuss anything!

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Miras321 -- sorry, I think I have to create an (official) post about it instead of making comment on your post!

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Now I regret that I:

  • didn't know that you were giving certificates
  • didn't participate on day 1
  • gave up doing day 2, because problem fowl made me mad. I submitted and released a token several times and each time I recieved 17p. And I had very slow connection that when I tried to release token for my last submission I waited for about ~10min to page load (but it never did), went crazy and started listening music to calm myself down. And now I see that my last submission got 100p. =(