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The ICPC Regional Rules for Regionals (https://icpc.global/regionals/rules) mention that a participant may not meet the age requirement and yet legally compete if certain conditions are fulfilled.

The rules state: "The coach must demonstrate that such an extension would not provide an unfair advantage to the team." However, in the NERC, we have a 32-year-old participant who has 10+ years of experience in coaching and who takes an active part in ICPC-related activities: preparing contests, participating in the Petrozavodsk training camp, etc. How is he eligible? Which part of the rules am I misunderstanding?

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Here's the eligibility tree: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fRCVPJ_atQQYCeNKJ6VQtB8tTr5GJwrn/view

If you have reason to think that something strange is going on, I guess you can complain to the ICPC manager, but there are ways for this individual to have been automatically rendered eligible without ICPC manager review.

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Well, looks as the current way to resolve an 8-semester issues is to reporting whole situation to the manager of "big ICPC", and not through the regional/subregional contest managers.

So the information you provided may be well-known in the local (Urals Regional of NEF / NEF) community, but it was not known to the manager of whole ICPC, and the petition from the contestant (or from the coach of this team), as far as i can guess, did not contained information about the coaching experience etc.

May be the procedure shall be changed (like the petition is sent to the regional director, then to the superregional director, then to manager of whole ICPC — with the mandatory comments from both regional and the superregional directors).

But as for now, the person is eligible, following the existing rules (eligibility is granted by the ICPC manager). So it may be only reason to review rules or their usage in future.

The similar situation was some years ago at IOI, when a contestant won the IOI after year in MIT; there was the flaw in the IOI rules, so the situation was legal, following those rules. The only change was to fix the rules to ban those situations in future more implicitly.

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