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Hello everyone!

The official contest is for UK and Ireland residents only. For other we will consider to provide the mirror.

We would like to announce “UKIEPC 2024: Spring Practice” programming contest which will be held online at 12:00-14:30 pm, 23 March. Our main goal is to promote programming for everyone in the UK and Ireland. This contest is targeted at novices and amateurs — we expect the problems to be of Div. 3 — Div.2 level in the terms of the site codeforces.com. Programmers with a rating higher than 1900 are encouraged to join our team of problem setters (look at the bottom).


The date is 23rd of March. The start time is 12:00. The duration is 2:30.

The contest is in teams of two people and each team can use two computers.

The link to our group is: https://ukiepc.contest.codeforces.com/.


Officially, everything is online. Please, fill the following form. Some universities can provide a local hub — but we leave the organization of such hubs to the hosts (however, we will help as much as we can). To become a host, please, fill the form.

Please note that this time anyone from the UK and Ireland can participate, not just university students!


We will make several events to introduce you to programming problems. Stay tuned.

For additional information, please, visit our website: http://ukiepc.info/practice/.

If you have further questions, please, contact [email protected].

P.S.: You have an opportunity to propose, prepare, and test problems under the guidance of ICPC World Champions and Medalists! So, if you are interested, please, fill the form. We expect that the preparation of a problem would be a smooth experience that will take some reasonable amount of time. Note that anyone can suggest the problem, but they will not be able to participate in the contest. We need lots of simple problems.

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