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So as most of you know, the Starters 123 at Codechef was the prelims of Algomaniac (by Convolution). The finals of Algomaniac will be held at Jadavpur University, Kolkata (on 17th March). I achieved an overall rank of 6 and an All India Rank of 2 in Div-2. My Codechef Profile rated 2011 (5-Star).

Looking at their website I discovered that there are two more competitions in which I want to participate, which are EUREKA and INQUIZZITIVE. Which will be held on 15th March. But we can only appear in teams of 2-4 and I don't have any friends with whom I can participate in these. So I am looking for a team. If anyone wants to invite me, I'll be more than happy to join their team. :D

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