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Watch here, how a senior software engineer debunks devin. They just faked their demo. However, the devin team may have achieved their goal. They got $20 million in funding from Peter Thiel. The founders are now set for life. Congratulations to them.
I hate it how normalized faking demos has become. Just few months ago google faked their Gemini demo. It reminds of the dot com bubble, where companies put a dot-com in their names, to get higher valuations and funding and ultimately duped many investors. Only a few companies survived the dot com bubble and majority of them failed.I think the same is happening currently. Companies are putting "AI" in their names to create hype and raise funding. Some of them may become successful, but a great majority are going to fail and disappoint a lot of people. As the saying goes — Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I don't want to sound like a pessimist, but it is necessary to be skeptical about whatever we see on the internet(especially when it comes to demos).

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Everyone really thought they are real and were excited(Or Scared) LOL. Me too was excited when i got know about the developers of DevinAI , the red coders. Well there is a long way to wait ig.