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Hey guys,

I know that many of the people here are young and want to know how does the algorithmic courses in universities work, how does research in the algorithmic field work, etc. I have started to upload some videos about it.

This semester, I am the teacher assistant of CMSC 351 (Algorithms) in University of Maryland. I want to cover all the topics and assignments in this class and solve them for you. In future, maybe I will also talk more about research in the algorithmic field (which means not solving a problem that an author has designed, but solving a problem that no one has ever solved it before)

Some of these topics are related to competitive programming as well (like induction, sorts, etc.), some are not (like Karatsuba algorithms that I've never saw someone using it in a contest). I uploaded these videos in a separated channel because I didn't want to pollute the channel about competitive programming.

So, if you are interested in such things, and want to know what you should expect in the algorithmic courses in university, you can check these videos out here:

Let me know if you want me to cover any specific topic! And more videos are going to be uploaded.'

 Karatsuba Explained

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What's the compensation for learning your cources?

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Helpful. Thank you.