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By emli, 11 years ago, In English
Hello everybody! I have a question .Can you give advices about Universities.
 Now I 11 class and I want to study programming.Which universities is good for me? or university is not important?

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Dear Emil.

I see you are from Kyrgyzstan:),and i'm very glad to see someone from my homeland here.

If you decide to stay there,i think the only university that tries to do something with programming olympiads and ACM is KRSU,i'm from it and i'm the  4-th year student.

There were years when it had success in olympiads and got the 15-th place in the finals(2004),but now,in my opinion, the situation become worse and worse with it and the level of our education.The people who took place in finals and even some of the people who was trying to train them are not staying here due to some reasons,so we are to study  everything and to find time and even place for our trainings  by ourselves to get some results(for me-about 50-70 place at NEERC semifinals,not higher for the last years)

So, unfortunately, even if you are not interested in olympiads ,i think you are in the very right way to find a better university somewhere abroad to get better education and maybe to take part in university programming contests. Good luck!:) 


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    thank you... I very interested in olympiads .