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Hello everyone, I am trying to make a game project (as a hobby) where I will implement various programming algorithms. I intend to make the game levels procedurally generated. It can be done using algorithms like randomized DFS, Perlin noise or anything else. I think my main focus of the game will be the AI. I want the AI to appear intelligent. I want to use programming tools like dynamic programming, Dijkstra, maybe some heuristic algorithm (i.e A* path finding algorithm) if necessary. I would prefer to spend less time on game interface since I am mostly interested in the backend stuff. Maybe a turn based strategy would be ideal for that, but I am ok with any ideas as long I won't have to focus too much on the interface. I don't know if there are that many applications of number theory ideas in game programming (i.e Extended Euclidean algorithm, binary exponentiation, Totient function etc but any novel ideas would be appreciated. Nonetheless, any other interesting ideas are welcome

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