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Intra University Student Performance Tracking System is designed to track the performance of Computer Science students in coding contests hosted on Codeforces. This system motivates students by announcing the top contestants in a Facebook Messenger group and facilitates team formation using Google Sheets. By integrating with the Google Sheets API and Codeforces API, our system efficiently manages and tracks student performance, providing a detailed ranking list based on their Codeforces handles.

Github Link(For Review): https://github.com/DividedByyZero/University-Student-Ranking-System-According-to-Codeforces-Contest.git


  • Automatic Contest Updates: Posts upcoming contests and rankings in the specified Facebook group.
  • Real-time Ranking: Fetches and displays the ranking of students in specific Codeforces contests.
  • Top Contestant Announcements: Automatically announces the top 3 coders in the Facebook group.
  • Google Sheets Integration: Updates and retrieves student data from a Google Sheet.
  • Elo Rating System: Calculates and tracks student ratings using the Codeforces Elo rating system.

Adding Students

To add students to the ranking system: 1. Update the Google Sheet with student names and their Codeforces handles. 2. Ensure the sheet is properly formatted as per the application's requirements.

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