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The Registration for the 47th Petrozavodsk Programming Camp is open.

THE CAMP WILL BE HELD ONLINE from August 21 to August 28, 2024.

For teams from the EAEU, offline participation is possible; details are in the information letter.

Teams of up to 3 members are invited to join

The level of contests: for participants of the semi-finals and finals of the ICPC World Championship

The training Camp schedule consists of 7 contests and 1 day off between them, preliminary schedule:

For each contest, a problem analysis will be broadcast in English.

The registration fee for participants from the EAEU countries is 10200/18600 rubles per participant (depends on meal inclusion).
The registration fee for participants from other countries is $150 per participant.

To register, the team coach should write a letter to the organizers.
After agreement, each team member must go through individual registration on the site of the Camp.

Also this year, we decided to simultaneously organize the second division for Russian-speaking participants. The second division is aimed to help college students prepare for participation in regional Olympiads and ICPC quarterfinals/semifinals. There will be lectures, themed contests, as well as the usual competitive contests.

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