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Hello Codeforces :)

The third round of HourRank is here and I am glad to be able to welcome you all. The contest will be held on 02:00UTC Wednesday, 2 December 2015. You can sign up for the contest from here.

The contest is rated and top 10 contestants from leaderboard will win HackerRank T-Shirts :D

The contest contains four challenges that are prepared by me (forthright48). I want to thank the HackerRank team and Shafaet, wanbo, svanidz1 and Arterm for testing the tasks.

Contestants will have 1 hour to solve these problems, which I hope is enough, but not more than enough. I hope you will enjoy your hour with Alex, Professor Numerico, Dumdum and Karas.

Best of luck for the contest. See you on leaderboard.

UPD1: Less than 12 hours left. Don't forget to register :).

UPD2: Score distribution: 20 — 40 — 70 — 70.

UPD3: Contest is finished. Editorial is published. Congratulation to winners :

Here are the top 5:

  1. LayCurse
  2. zshi
  3. zerokugi
  4. negativebplusorminus
  5. rnsiehemt
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It's sad that it starts in 4am in Bulgaria :/

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This is the first time I have authored a complete round. It was exciting. Due to timezone issue the participation was low, but still, I am happy to see that lots of people participated. Thank you :)

I was scared that someone will solve everything under 20 mintues. When I saw people solved 2 problems under 3 minutes, I thought it might just become so. Thank god that didn't happen.

Also, special thanks to LayCurse for solving all problems. Otherwise the judge data would have looked doubtful.

Let me know if you have any thing to share. Were the statements too big? I am fond of inserting stories into statement. Trust me, they were bigger. The coordinator Shafaet forced me to make them smaller :p

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    Thanks for making the contest. If I could make a suggestion I thought the gap between the first two problems and the last two problems was a little bit large, in the sense that the first two were both quite simple at least to me and then the last two were both very complicated, particularly given the time constraint.

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      Sorry about that. That's entirely my fault. The coordinator suggested me to swap the 3rd problem with something easier, but I was being paranoid about the contest being too easy. I did make suitable subtasks, but seems like the problems themselves were complicated.

      If there is a next time, I will try to be less paranoid :) Maybe add some pictures here and there to make them look less scary.

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Miller-Rabin primarity test in a one-hour round? Are you serious?

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    Why not? Miller-Rabin is a well known primality test for large integers. How is it any harder than segment tree, flow or Gaussian elimination? In a way, Miller Rabin has shorter code. And if you use java, you don't even have to code it.

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I read tasks. Tasks were interesting. They are totally different than Codeforces 334 div 2 round and also they have a lot of simlar things like :

-first task simulation of platform contest

-the third HR and fourth CF had good amount of math

-the last one grundy game

Also I can not beleive that someone solve everything in one hour, big congratulations for LayCurse !