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By rhezo, history, 8 years ago, In English

Hi, The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur is delighted to invite you to the "Inter University Programming Contest", during the three day Techno-Management-Literary Fest Plinth'16 to be held from 22nd – 24th January, 2016.

The contest shall be a great opportunity for students to whet their programming aptitude. This national level programming contest shall assess the intelligence through various rounds: the first round will be held online on January 3rd, 2016 and further onsite rounds will be held during Plinth'16 (22nd – 24th January, 2016).

The key details of IUPC'16 are as follows:

  1. The first online round of the contest will be held on 3rd January-2016 (Sunday) 2 PM onward.
  2. Contest duration will be 3 hours.
  3. Team with maximum of 3 members is allowed.
  4. Contest will be held on HackerEarth
  5. Registration closes 2 hrs before the start of the contest. Registration link is provided below.
  6. Plagiarism by any means will lead to immediate disqualification of the team.

IUPC'16 Registration Link: Click here or here .

Prizes worth INR 50,000/- for grabs!!

For further details, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or visit our website here.

See you at the contest arena.

Good Luck!

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The dates are colliding with Chennai ACM ICPC Regionals.

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    How do you know this? There is nothing mentioned about the dates on Chennai ICPC website.