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Hello guys,

I am here to ask a question that many of you might find it off-topic, but I believe this is the most suitable place to ask such a question :)

most of us — CS students who fall in love with competitive programming — want to practice this pretty sport as much as possible, and most of the times we don't find much time for that as we have too much school work, and we end up failing exams to practice more at CodeForces and similar sites :P

but some of our school homework and projects are free to find an idea in a specific field and work on it, since then, we wanna maximize the benefit returned by this projects and make it as close as possible to competitive programming

so guys, what do you think are some good ideas that use and cover some competitive programming topics to do as a college homework/project?

for example: What do you think is a good simulation project idea to choose that covers some parts of computational geometry?

thanks for your listening and waiting for your opinions :D

PS: Forgive my bad English :P

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I want to touch on the first few paragraphs.

I think the goal for the ACM-ICPC or the whole competitive programming scene is promote computer science (perhaps more on data science). To really excel in the competitions, one would still need to be reasonably proficient in various subjects in computer science.

Most of the people I was with ace in everything despite regularly participating in competitions.
This is also the case for many elite competitive programmers I know.

I'd say given your premise is false, it's kind of hard to discuss further.