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By Killever, 12 years ago, In English

Hi to all,

I have learned dp and bitmask but i want to mix between them.
I want a simple tutorial about dp with bitmask and a simple  problem explain the basic idea and it would be useful if you provide me with DP with bitmask problems sorted by difficulty .
Hope to help me , thanks in advanced . 
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bitmasks are used as state basically, thats it. nothing special about it i guess.
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Finally i got the idea behind using bitmask with Dp as rng_57 said it's just used as state.

thanks you also olimpo your link is very useful .
I understood this with the help of this TC problem  from last SRM 522 
it's really helpful.
now i want to practice if any one know problems on  DP with Bitmask  please mention it.but please try to mention  if the problem  easy or medium or hard.
thanks in advanced.