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We are pleased to announce you that we are going to host our second long contest on Toph, a Bangladeshi contest platform. The contest will have 10 problems. It will start at 1200 UTC on 20 January 2017 and will continue for 10 days. Scoring follows ACM-ICPC rules. The contest is named "Tough Winter Spar 2016" because it was originally scheduled for December 2016.

Here's the registration link: register

The setters are: prophet_ov_darkness, TarifEzaz, Labib666, flash_7, _kryptonyte_, Tanmoy_Datta and jAckAL_1586.

We would like to thank hjr265 and his team for this awesome platform.

We hope everyone will find the problems very interesting to solve. Good luck and have fun.

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Why are the time limit of all problems so tight -_-

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    Because it's a long contest. But hope you are enjoying all the problems :)