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By rhezo, history, 6 years ago, In English

Hello CF community,

IndiaHacks Wildcard round will start at 8 PM IST on 23 / 7 / 17. Click on the link to see the starting time in your timezone.

For all those who didn't participate in one of the earlier rounds (IndiaHacks Qualifier and Wave 1.0) or failed to qualify in them, then this is a chance for you to qualify to the next round Wave 2.0.

Top 250 in this round qualify for Wave 2.0.

The problemset was created by Akash r3gz3n Sharma, Saurabh Apptica Joshi and Rishi rhezo Vikram. Konstantin zemen Semenov was the tester.

You'll be given 5 problems to solve in 6 hours. Hope you like the problemset. Good luck and have fun.

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The contest is live.