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By Pancake, 11 years ago, In English


The rules of the ICPC state that the winner of each regional contest qualifies for the world finals , and additional wildcards are given to other "high-ranking" teams.

I am curious to know :
under what criteria are wildcards given to a certain region ? Who decides on that , and when ? Does the number of wildcards awarded to a specific regional contest vary from year to year ?

thanks a lot.

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Rules for classifying to the world finals (at least for Latin America Region)

Being C the quota for the Region and S the number of Sub Regions (SR).

  • Only one team by university is allowed.

  • The team must solve at least one problem in the Regional contest.

  • The champion of each SR classifies to World Finals.

  • C-S-2 places are distributed depending on the number of teams in each SR.

  • The second to last place is for the best team is the regional ranking not classified by other rule.

  • The last place is for the best team in the regional ranking from a country with no teams already classified.