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By Nickolas, 6 years ago, translation, In English

The last round of TCO18, Marathon Round 4 CakeSharing started on August 1st and will run for a week. You can find it in the list of active contests.

I am the writer :-)

Upd. Due to the technical issues the round is extended by 24 hours, till August 9th.

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The match begins in less than 5 hours from now! The winner of the round directly qualifies for the TCO18 finals to be held in Texas later this year!

TCO18 T-shirt

There are TCO18 t-shirts for top 150 competitors on Marathon Leaderboard after all the online rounds. If you make it to top 50 in this round — you will win a TCO18 T-shirt.

Hope to see most of you competing! :)