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November 6–13, 2018 the boot camp for competitive programming Moscow International Workshop ICPC will be held at MIPT. We invite students to participate from all over the World!

The International workshop helps students to prepare for the regional contests and World Finals of the ICPC championship.

The official language of educational program is English. The trainings include every-day contests, tasks analysis and lectures from coaches from former participants and winners of ICPC and the best Russian universities professors. Program includes interesting entertainment program in a free time. Training will be conducted in two divisions:

Division A is designed to prepare students to participate and win medals in the next ICPC World Finals.

Division B is designed to help teams prepare for the regional and international competitions.

Contests are moderated by Oleg Khristenko: coordinator of the Pankratiev Open Cup and the main editor of Snarknews. Heads of Programming Community are Mikhail Tikhomirov and Gleb Evstropov.

The sooner the payment is made, the lower the cost of participation become. Citizens of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) countries may pay in Rubles and others in American Dollars. This cost includes the academic curriculum, catering, accommodation on the MIPT campus, as well as excursions, sportive activities, collective games in the days-offs.

Cost per person: $630 USD until September 21. Two teams have an opportunity to take part in the workshop for free – learn more about it on the site.

Register for Moscow International Workshop ICPC and win!

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I hope that the workshops are actually worth the extremely huge sum of money you guys take(un-affordable for most college students)

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Can high school students participate to prepare for IOIs?

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    For IOI preparation there is special boot camp — Moscow Workshops Juniors and this year it will have english-speaking group, so we will be glad to see you. More information we will post in this blog or you could take a look on the web-site — https://it-edu.mipt.ru/en/zksh