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sadly_informer's blog

By sadly_informer, history, 21 month(s) ago, In English,

I don't think write a blog will get more exposure. But I think I should write it.

I find 2014CAIS01 copy applese 's problem C and D (or cheat in the contest, I don't know).

To find the details, see:

And cubercsl , which may be another handle of 2014CAIS01 cheat in last contest, see .

I don't know what should I say. You are a master(2200+), why you always try to copy?

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Sadly, he is rated. I don't know what to say. Any one can change that?

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This was 19 months ago and MikeMirzayanov completely ignored you in this post and in your comment... Sadly same thing happened here more recently ...