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By aryanc403, 4 years ago, In English

We are trying to add our first gym contest for members of our college in our CF group.
We have added problems on polygon platform.

For adding problem in group We came across . We have followed preliminaries of Polygon and up to step 2 of CF.

For the third step, we need one directory at . Unfortunately, it is showing the following error.

→ External storage error
The external storage was offline or malfunctioned during the last contest update. Please wait for some time, then go to the contest edit page and click "Save changes" to synchronize data

MikeMirzayanov please fix this issue asap. So that we can add problems for our group. We are planning to start the contest by Thursday evening. And we have less than 24 hrs.

We express gratitude to MikeMirzayanov and the rest of the team for the great Codeforces and the wonderful Polygon platform.

Upd: Issue was fixed within 15 minutes after this blog.
Maybe It was due to this blog or they were already working on it.

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