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Hello C++ learners in Codeforces,

The following is a tutorial C++ class class tutorial_t: vector< T > that illustrates using the standard library function templates std::lower_bound and std::upper_bound.

Tutorial C++ Class

The C++ class inherits the base class vector< T > and generalizes the example given in



to demonstrate using both function templates for an arbitrary unsorted input array of size n, and an arbitrary value val. The item type T should be instantiated in line 5. For example, typedef double T; allows illustrating the result of searching for the lower-bound and upper-bound in a sorted array of floating-point numbers. Furthermore, standard assert( int expression ) C macro calls are used to illustrate invariant expressions that are guaranteed to be true for any test case.

UPDATE The data item typename parameter T has been removed from the class declaration so as to allow using a single member function example to illustrate both std::lower_bound and std::upper_bound functions. The corresponding function calls are passed to the example function as lambda expressions.

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