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Hello, Codeforces!
About 3 years ago, I made the tool, which was parsing codeforces html and was collecting info about comments and blogs: only author and rating. Later I added dynamic info about users, such as number of posts or comments. It was interesting, funny, but not useful at all: it hardly changes during the time, it changes only when some outstanding blog or comment appears.

So, codeforces added API for blogs, I learned more modern technologies and rewrote code third time. Now I added timestamp, title and first 200 symbols of text to blogs and comments! For example, you can filter comments (and blogs) by time and see most upvoted of them during choosen period! Also you can see comment or blog text preview: just hover its link
Also you can search multiple handles: just insert comma between them: tourist, Petr. For strict search use double quotes: "tourist", "Petr"
As a bonus perfomance was improved significantly: request takes more than 200ms only if you search somebody's handle in comments and this is page with big number (or comments are in the end of choosen sort), while average time is about 10ms

Try now!

Some stat:
  • 29093 blogs


  • 27492 users, which has more than one blog or comment

  • 30 blogs, which has more than 1000 upvotes

  • only 3 comments, which has more than 1000 upvotes


Known bugs:

  • if you search handle both in quotes and without them quotes don't have any effect

  • Nutella handles are just red

Be free to comment, report bugs, propose feature requests!

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Hey,your website isn't working anymore. Mind taking a look at it? https://codeforces.igorjan94.ru/index/blogs?showBy=10&field=createdAt