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Hello, Codeforces!

Happy Holidays from us at Harbour.Space University, and good luck on the Good Bye 2018 round This year’s Final Round has a special prize — as you might know, we’ve prepared a new installment to the “Hello! Programming Bootcamps”...this time, our destination is the pearl of the Middle East — Muscat, Oman.

So, as a special prize for this Final Codeforces Round, the top 3 participants, who are also eligible for ICPC 2019/2020 season, will be invited to form a team and join us in Oman for the 2019 “Hello Muscat!” Programming Bootcamp in 9 — 15 of March — sponsored with their participation fees, accommodation, and meals for the entire duration of the bootcamp (except flights)!

Registering to the the round you will be asked to confirm your eligibility for ICPC 2019/2020 season and your wish to get the prize.

About the Hello Muscat! Programming Bootcamp.

We are inviting all of you to join us during 9 — 15 March, 2019 in Muscat, the capital of Oman, for an intense 6 days of programming! As always, we can’t wait to see all of you learn, practice and compete on the international stage, smoothing your road towards the April World Finals in Porto.

How it works: “Hello Muscat!” Programming Bootcamp will run in parallel with the traditional Moscow pre-Finals ICPC Workshop — both Bootcamps’ contests will be identical, and contestants will be able to see their position in the General Leaderboard. Every day both camps will be competing simultaneously, 3,965 kilometers from each other!

World’s greatest coaches will come to Muscat!

MIKE MikeMirzayanov MIRZAYANOV — Founder & CEO of Codeforces, Coach of the ICPC World Champion Team 2006, Topcoder Open Finalist 2006, Google Code Jam Finalist: 2005-2006
FILIPP DPR-pavlin RUKHOVICH — ICPC World Finals 2014, KPI-Open – 2013 Winner
ARTEM VArtem VASILYEV — ICPC 2014 Bronze Medalist, ICPC 2015 World Champion, ITMO University
IVAN ifsmirnov SMIRNOV — Google Code Jam Finalist, ICPC Gold Medal, Silver medal

Visa in Oman

Citizens of almost all countries may obtain a single or multiple entry eVisa valid for 30 days online or receive visa on arrival in Oman.

For more information about the bootcamp, please refer to the “Hello Muscat!” page, here!

Again, best of luck with the contest, and we hope to see you in Oman!

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Will winners of a special prize be written here? Or in dialogues directly to winners?