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By StannisTheMannis, history, 12 months ago, In English,

Why can't we only view the problem difficulty tag? Sometimes, I don't want to know the problem tags but knowing the difficulty might be useful.

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12 months ago, # |
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Yes! It would be great. The only ressemblance to that (not quite the same functionality):

you can filter by difficulty at problemset page, and hide tags. It will show only the dificulty like this:

(don't forget to disable the "Show tags for unsolved problems" checkbox)

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    12 months ago, # ^ |
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    That would work only if I am randomly choosing problems. The thing is, I have a sheet of problems to solve (not prepared by me), so I thought it would be great if I can get a sense of how hard a problem is using the problem difficulty tag, while keeping other tags hidden not to reveal the idea behind a problem. But thank you anyway.