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Subject: C++ Grandmaster Certification ( Keywords: c++, c++11, linux, x86-64, compilers, mooc, course

1st Feb 2013 — San Francisco, CA — It was announced today by the newly formed CPPGM Foundation ( that the C++ Grandmaster Certification is now open for enrollment.

The C++ Grandmaster Certification is a massively open free online course (MOOC) for expert C++ programmers. It provides the most rigorous C++-specific qualification possible.

Participants in the course will demonstrate their comprehensive knowledge of C++ by writing their own fully functional ISO C++11 standard compliant C++ compiler, C++ standard library and toolchain — including a preprocessor, assembler, and linker — targeting the Linux operating system and x86-64 architecture.

The toolchain will be written entirely in standard C++. No third-party tools or libraries will be used.

As a grand finale the participant will build their toolchain with itself (a self-hosting build) and pass the conformance test with it.

Enrollments are open now and close 15th Feb, 2013. The course will commence shortly after in the spring. For more details and to enroll visit the course web site at:

For press information contact [email protected]


The CPPGM Foundation was formed by a software company that recognized the value to programmer productivity that a good knowledge of language mechanics had to new developers to their team. The C++ Grandmaster Certification began development as an internal training program, and the foundation was founded to offer it publicly.

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