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By GreatSolver, history, 15 months ago, In English,

Hi I am new to cp. What paths can I follow to ensure quick progress and high ranks in future ioi and what topics should I learn by order. I would appreciate your help.

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It does not really matter.

Many beginners find A2OJ ladders useful just to have some "path" to stick to. The ones near the bottom only show you one task at a time, which means you have to actually solve everything in there.

One warning though. Please don't have a mindset of "if I do these X things, I will succeed" or go looking for some sort of checklist. This very easily leads to a situation where people tell themselves they practiced while actually, they haven't done anything productive.

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Practice common algorithm methods like DP, Graphs etc. and practice problems that are tough to solve, a.k.a. tough to solve for you, you won't learn anything by solving the same type of problems over and over and over.